Womach Ranch Farms LLC: Pastured Poultry, Naturally Raised, Localy Grown in Boulevard Califronia
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Pastured Chickens
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Womach Ranch Farms is dedicated to high quality food, using local resources, providing animals with a high quality of life, and preserving heritage breeds.

Farmer Curtis Womach grew up in Eastern Washington in a family of farmers, Curtis learned to love the land and caring for animals. In 2007, Curtis decided to take his love of the land to the next level and took an intensive Holistic Ranch Management Class from Holistic Management International. This class provided the opportunity to visit sustainable ranches throughout the West. From there Curtis began to experiment in our urban front yard with raising chickens. This led to renting land in San Diego's East County and then in 2009 Womach Ranch Farms landed in its current home in Boulevard, California.

Womach Ranch Farms, LLC
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